When I finally figured out that my pelvic floor was actually the culprit of my hip pain I had to focus on 3 things.

  1. Relaxing my pelvic floor
  2. Strengthening my side glute muscles and hip flexor
  3. Mobility/flexibility work on my side glute and hip flexor

Relaxing my pelvic floor is tough because it literally involves me laying on the floor. I know, I know, relaxing is a dream. But if your pelvic floor is TOO tight, like mine, doing NOTHING is probably super hard for you. My favorite ways to relax my pelvic floor; Legs up the wall, childs pose, happy baby (with knee circles).

Strengthen the muscles that support my pelvis; the side glutes and hip flexors. This can be tricky for me because doing too many reps will cause pain. So I have been focusing on holding positions with a band above or below my knee. I have a whole blog on this subject. Click here to learn more.

The hip flexor is too tight. A lot of time when our hip flexor feels tight we think flexibility, flexibility, flexibility. But really we also need to strengthen it! So focusing on not only stretching but strengthening is important. Because we live in a society that sits a lot our hip flexors are actually pretty weak. Weakness can look and feel like tightness or pain.

Mobility and flexibility are important. We can get the most bang for our buck when we pair them together. This week on instagram I shared two short yoga flows (under 10 mins) that pair strength and flexibility to improve these two areas. These would be great for after a workout or a run. Do it once or 2-3 times for a longer flow.

Click here for the hip flexor flow
Click here for the glute focus flow

You will need a block or roller and a small loop resistance band. If you don’t have a band you can still do these, but its helpful.

These are my favorite products for this workout! Click the image to purchase.