I am ready to have a strong core!

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Are you ready to finally have a stronger core?

Are you tired of doing ab workouts and never seeing results?

Tired of searching for ab workouts on instagram and pintrest but never seeing results? Do you have 100s of ab workouts saved but never actually do them because they are either too hard, too complicated, too long, or just plane confusing.

This is why I created The Strong Core Guide

The Strong Core Guide will help moms who are ready to stop having back pain, leaking, and who are ready to stop trying to figure out how to get a stronger core by themselves. The Strong Core Guide is here to help women find their confidence and strength again.

What is in The Strong Core Guide?

  • 4 weeks of progressive workouts
  • 3 core workouts per week
  • 4 glute finishers - perfect to pair with the core workouts when you are short on time
  • Spotify playlist to help keep you motivated
  • PDF File with all the workouts laid out for you


Nervous to progress on to more intense core exercise? I got you covered I will help build your confidence and strength as we work through this program safely.

I have recorded each workout so that you can follow along with me. I remind you when to breath, how to engage your core and pelvic floor and remind you of how strong you actually are!

Modifications are also stated at the start. So that you can tailor the workout to your ability.

This guide will help you get that strong core back after baby!

Get lifetime access to the guide for $25,

Who is The Strong Core Guide For?
  • Moms who are 6+ months postpartum
  • Moms who are tired of guessing what kind of ab work they should be doing
  • Moms who need cues for breath and core engagement during core workouts.
Who is The Strong Core Guide NOT for?
  • Moms who have pelvic floor symptoms that affect their life most of the time
  • Moms who are still struggling with a big diastasis recti
  • Moms who want six pack abs

What kind of workouts are in The Strong Core Guide?

I had so much fun programing these workouts. Each week there is a plank workout, crunch/table top focus workout, and sneaky core workouts <-- exercises that you may not think work your abs, BUT DO!

There is a week of tabata workouts and pyramid style reps.

You will not get bored with these workouts. They are less then 20 mins each so they are great if you are short on time or SHORT on space.

See what Jen said

" Was able to complete this in a tiny space (home office/bedroom) while on break at work which was a plus. No equipment.. yay! Really love those step ups. "

The glute workouts are so good. I love squats like the next person but these workouts aren't centered around our butt. We are working those smaller glute muscles that help stabilize our pelvis!


If you are ready to have a strong core AND strong glutes, The Strong Core Guide is for you!

What are moms saying about The Strong Core Guide


"I loved the explanations of the exercises and telling me when I should breathe. I tend to hold my breath with core workouts so enjoyed the reminder! Also leaned the right way how to do dead bug"


"I loved the dead bug! I’ve never done that before and I could really feel my core fire with it!"

IMG_2558 2

"Modifications for planks - I wasn’t great at planks pre-pregnancy and of course they’re even more difficult now. I appreciated the different modification options."

"I’ve never done an elevated plank using a chair. I love how is removes some pressure on wrists."

"Really got my core activating! I was shaking! Quick, easy to follow along, good pacing, clear vid with good sound."

Get lifetime access to the guide for $25,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What equipment will I need?
A: Loop resistance bands, long resistance band, or wights.

Q: How long do the workouts take?
A: Each workout takes less then 20 mins.

Q: What kind of results should I expect?
A: After 4 weeks you will feel more confident in your core and pelvic floor strength. You will find that you have less back and hip pain. You will feel more confident and strength throughout your day.

Q: How long will I have access to the program?
A: You will have access to the program for the your lifetime.

Q: I am newly postpartum, is this guide for me?
A: This guide is for moms who have taken time to rehab their core and pelvic floor. These moms aren't experiencing any core or pelvic floor symptoms or pain.

Q: I have diastasis recti, is this for me?
A: It depends, have you seen a pelvic floor PT to talk about your DR? If you have taken the time to rehab your DR and aren't experiencing doming while doing core exercies this guide would be okay. If you do not have good tension to the lina alba, this guide is not for me.

Q: Where do I sign up

I am ready to get my Strong Core Guide!

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Hi, I'm Tanya

I am a wife, mom of two crazy boys, and postnatal fitness specialist. I have been helping women in all walks of life learn about being healthy for more then 10 years. First as a physical education teacher, then as a personal trainer, and now as a postnatal fitness specialist.

Why is a postnatal fitness specailist?

During my second pregnancy I dove into understanding the pelvic floor, core and the power of our breath. I devoured all the information about it.

After having him I couldn't wait to jump back into my fitness routine because "I knew what I was doing"

Truth is, I didn't. I needed support and I needed help from a pelvic floor physical therapist. My love for teaching drove me to get my postnatal fitness specialist certification because I want women to know better, expect better, and do better after pregnancy. I wanted to support women in whatever way they wanted. I didn't want the focus to be "getting your body back" or "bouncing back" but truly learning how to love yourself and your ever changing body.

I love helping moms learn about their bodies and maximize their workouts.

That is why I made The Strong Core Guide. After I reconnected with my core and pelvic floor, I realized I was still nervous to try more intense core exercises. I was nervous I might do something wrong and hurt my core or pelvic floor.

That is why I made this guide. I want to take the fear out of transitioning to more rehabbing after baby and moving on to more intense exercise with confidence.


Ready to get The Strong Core Guide

Get lifetime access to the guide for $25,

Sarah loved "Breathing cues were constant, step ups- good directions and they are such burners"

Stacy enjoyed "The creative way you worked on strengthening hip flexors. All were new ideas for me"

Erin loved the explanations "Thank you for explaining positioning and breathing throughout the workout. Very helpful! "

Feedback from the pulse it workout "Wow! I really felt my abs working hard! "

Justine loved the flexibility of these workouts "I would definitely use it as a finisher to another workout"


Ready to get The Strong Core Guide

Get lifetime access to the guide for $25