The best time to start a new workout routine

When is the best time to start a new workout routine? Well that depends, lets start with some questions?

Are you sleeping long stretches at night?

Do you feel like your body has healed from birth?

Have you gone to see a pelvic floor Physical Therapist?

If you answered no to any of these questions you might need to think hard about WHY you want to start working out again. What is the motivation?

These are my 3 big questions because they can either set you up to a strong foundation in your exercise program or they can start you down a path of possible pain, frustration, incontinence issues, pelvic floor pain, and weakening of the core.

Why do I ask if you are sleeping long stretches at night? Well if you are waking up multiple times per night because of baby or toddler your body isn’t getting the rest and recovery that it needs. When you start working out again you NEED to let you body recover. The best way your body knows how to do that is with fuel and rest. Does that mean you CANT exercise if you aren’t sleeping well. No, but we are going to approach it differently than if you were.

Second question, do you feel like you have healed from birth? Did you notice I didn’t ask if your doctor cleared you. Now I do think you and your doctor should be in communication and he/she should give the Okay. But just because he/she gave you the okay doesn’t always mean you are ready, or that your body is ready. Everyone heals from birth differently. Some women might feel great at 4 weeks, some might not feel ready until 4 months! You need to check in with your body and know if it’s ready or not. Don’t let doctors, social media, your mom, you grandma, the guy in the grocery store dictate if you are ready to workout again. Only you can decide that with good education and understanding what happens to our body during and after birth.

Last, have you seen a pelvic floor physical therapist? I am passionate about getting moms to go see pelvic floor physical therapist. They are a wealth of knowledge to help you understand how your pelvic floor works, how YOUR pelvic floor responds to kegals, if you have a weak pelvic floor or an overactive pelvic floor. These things matter and the more you know the better off you will be when you start working out again.

When you started working out after having a baby, what steps did you take to set yourself up for success?

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