Are you looking for a program that will not only strengthen your body but your mind?

Welcome to Strong Mind Strong Momma

Ashley and I felt obligated to create The Strong Mind Strong Momma Program because we saw moms struggling to be present in their everyday life and finding time to feel strong in their bodies. We want to help moms be more mindful and more aware of simple things so that they can tackle the big things life throws at them.

We are so excited to offer this Strong Mind Strong Momma program. This program will help you build strength by:

-Educating you on your core, pelvic floor, breath and alignment and how that affects day to day life
-3 new workouts/week - Video delivery
-Workouts are progressive. No feeling sore for days the first workout
-A real look at fat loss, flat tummies, and 6 packs. Are these things actually important?
-When to STOP thinking about your pelvic floor and why that's okay
-Educates you on your mind and why mindset is so important.
-Shows you common breathing mistakes and how to use breathing to help you calm down and refocus.
-Introduces simple practices that you can use right now.
-Demystifies mindfulness and helps you learn how to step into, and stay in the present moment.



Meet your coaches


Hi, I’m Tanya Schwamberger, I am a mom of two boys. I have a background is physical education and personal training. During my pregnancy with my second son I really start to dive into the world of Pre and Postnatal fitness training. I was taking in all the information I could about the core and pelvic floor.

I realized as a gymnast I had an overactive pelvic which led to a lot of incontinence issues. I didn’t want that for my postpartum body. I refused to accept that just because I had a baby I was going to pee a little every time I sneezed too hard or if I jumped on a trampoline. That is when I took the leap and because a Postnatal fitness specialist.

Since then I have been helping moms return to fitness safely after having a baby. Helping moms learn MORE about their postpartum bodies then they knew pre pregnancy. Empowering them to want better for their bodies and supporting them to feeling better in their bodies! I love when women tell me that they have a better understanding of their bodies and feel more confident in their exercise of choice.


Hey all! I’m Ashley Kuemper. I am the mom of a big-spirited, little boy and a Performance Coach. I have my Master’s in Sport and Exercise Psychology and while I was getting my degree I was pregnant, and then, later on, had a newborn.

When I realized all the skills I was learning for athletes were actually helping me survive the earlier years of parenthood, I knew moms were missing out. I learned so many simple tools that could be used almost anywhere, but as a mother, no one had taken time to talk to me about them.

I knew if I could survive becoming a new parent, going through grad school, and working all at once, other parents needed this too! And I knew that my new role as a parent meant teaching my son lessons as well. I needed to show him that we don’t let fear stand in our way and I took the leap and opened THiNQ Success with my husband.

Since then, we have worked to help parents, kids, and families learn skills such as mindfulness, stress management, and positivity. We strive to make skills and change accessible. I love teaching and I get so excited every time I can make an impact on people’s lives.

Who is this program for?

This program is for that mom who doesn’t think she has the time for her, but is ready to take it back. This is for the mom who has wanted to return to fitness but has put it on the back burner for too long. This is for the mom who wants to manage her stress better when life throws a curve ball and wants to be more present with her family.

Who is this program NOT for?

Moms who want to loose a lot of weight really quickly. Moms who want 6 pack abs, in 8 weeks. Moms who want their entire house cleaned and organized in 8 weeks. We aren’t going to sell you these things because we know they aren’t practical. We know that those aren’t lasting habits that will fulfill you in the long run.

"Okay I am ready to buy what next?"

You have two choices.

Option one: Buy the program and work on it at your own pace.

Option two: Buy the program and add coaching

Here is a breakdown
Strong Mind Strong Momma Program(1)


At the end of this program you will:

-Feel more confident in your body
-Have a strong fitness foundation - be able to move confidently in any setting or do any workout
-Created a new exercise habit that is no longer hard to fit in
-Appreciate the body that birthed your children but also know that it can change just as you are changing!
-Gain the tools to manage stress
-Learn to be more present in your life
-Improve your focus
-Increase your self-compassion

Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of equipment do I need?

I highly suggest mini band/loops and/or 5-8 lb dumbbells

Do I need facebook for the add on coaching?

Yes. All the live coaching, feedback, and lives will be done in the private facebook group.

What if I don’t get time away from my kids? Can I still participate?

That’s okay! All the workouts and mindfulness practices can be adjusted to account for, and include children.

Will this program be hard?

Yes and no. This program is meant to challenge so it won’t always feel easy but it is set up to be achievable so you won’t ever be left feeling like it’s impossible.

Can I invite friends to join me?

Of course! The more moms we have, the bigger our support network will grow.

What are you waiting for!?