Moms Return to Fitness

Returning to fitness after baby can bring about a lot of emotions. For some it can be such a relief to just move and get those endorphins flowing. For some it might be more of an obligation, because they feel like they need to loose weight yesterday. It also might lead to anxiety for breastfeeding moms who don’t want anything to mess with their supply. Lets not forget about the fear behind doing the “right” exercises for our core. Do I have a diastasis?

All these fears usually lead to doing nothing. They don’t know who or what to trust. There is SO much information out there. Lets all take a collective breath! Movement is SO good for us! No matter what that looks like. A walk, a group strength class, dancing in your kitchen, yoga, hiking, riding your bike, whatever you like…DO IT

Try and put the “what ifs…” out of your head and just try. See what happens, then ask yourself some questions. How did it make you feel? Did you have any leaking? Was your core engaging well? Did anything hurt?

Snowshoeing fun

Top 5 things Moms concerns or questions in terms of returning to fitness post baby

  1. How can I loose weight?
  2. Will I loose my milk supply?
  3. Do I have a Diastasis?
  4. I pee a little and get really self conscience, what can I do?
  5. I don’t even KNOW where to start!

First why do you want to loose weight? Why do you think its reasonable to expect your body to bounce back to what it looked like before you got pregnant? What if your body isn’t able to be exactly how you remember it, then what? I can’t answer these questions for you. You need to dive in and understand your why. I can help you but you need to dig deep first.

Milk supply. I wish there was a simple answer but there isn’t. Like most things, “it depends” is the best answer. You might find it drops you might not. My best suggestion is to up your water and keep eating. Maybe try to nurse more often those days, because its all about supply and demand.

Question 3 and 4 have a similar answer. Go see a pelvic floor PT. I know, I know its weird, its time, you might be scared of what they will tell you. BUT you will get answers and answers mean solutions. Solutions mean confidence in your body again. So just GO!

Want to get moving again but don’t know where to start? Well hi, my name is Tanya and I am a postnatal fitness specialist how can I help! But really I can help you thats what I am here for. I am going to help you today by sending you a free workout guide.

This guide is all body weight exercises. 3 workouts you can do 3 different ways. Want to ease back into movement great do 10 reps of each and repeat 3 times. Bored during bath time? Even better 10 reps of each and see how many rounds you can do. Want to get your heart rate up? Set your interval timer for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. That will get your heart rate up!

Use the sign up button on the side, confirm your subscription (check your junk mail) and boom its in your inbox! What are you waiting for!?!

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