I recently just finished the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. It is an amazing book and if you are ready to get back to some routines and habit I highly recommend reading it.

I find myself ready for some routine and habits when I hit a year postpartum. For me thats when my kids really started to sleep more consistently, they were eating 3 meals a day with snacks, and taking two reliable naps. When we fell into a routine I was ready for more intentional routine and habits. Before a year postpartum I am not ready, I don’t have the brain space to try and make us get into a routine or prep food or schedule workouts. I just need flexibility in my life and low expectations.

But at the year mark, yes! That is when I get ready and I am craving more routine and habits. Weather that be planning/prepping food for the week, being more consistent with workouts, and taking time to do things I love, like read.

But all those things fall out of routine during the newborn phase. Survival mode doesn’t including meal planning, it means eating quickly and efficiently. Survival mode doesn’t mean doing HITT workouts, it means moving in ways that feel good in your body.

When you are ready to begin a old routine or start that workout habit again you need to be intentional on not only what you want to create but also on habits that you may have started that aren’t serving you anymore.

That first year postpartum my phone helped me get through all the feedings, especially the late night feedings. That phone and social media helped me realize I wasn’t alone, that there were moms all over the world who were up with me feeding and loving their babies.

But the habit of always being on my phone continued long after the late night feedings stopped. This habit wasn’t serving me anymore. It was making me less productive and sucking up precious time.

One thing James Clear recommends is taking an habit inventory. What this is writing down everything you do throughout the day and then rating it. It is either a habit that is serving you well, like brushing your teeth. Neutral, things that you just have to do, such as go to the bathroom. If it is a habit you want to change or it is no longer serving you, it would be a negative habit.

I did a little bit of my morning:

Wake up =
check social media -
write instagram posts +
bible reading +
touch base with clients +
hip exercises +
check social media -
post on stories =
check email +
kids up =
breakfast =
coffee =
check social media -

This might sound crazy overwhelming so at first just think of a part of your day that could be better. For me its always the morning. After that first year postpartum, when I am starting to sleep more I like to get up before my kids because it just makes me a better mom. So I took an inventory of what my current morning looked like and then what wasn’t serving me. Probably all the social media checks weren’t necessary. Is putting my kid in front of the tv without a time a good idea? Could I do something the night before to make things easier? Before you start its good to know where you are so that you can also track improvement.

If you are a year + postpartum what was the first habit or routine did you go back to?

If you want to check out Atomic Habits click the image below! I would love to hear what you think of it!