Guaranteed to work!

“Do these 5 exercise and get JLos Butt!”
“5 fat burning foods that will help you loose that belly fat”
“Do these 5 ab exercises and heal your ab separation”

How many times have we seen or heard these things on social media? I see it ALL of the time. Actually, I don’t anymore because I have unfollowed all those people and I don’t have time for the “quick fix” or any “guarantees”. You should also do this 😉

I am here to tell you they are lying. They want your money and they are just using your vulnerability of your new postpartum body to get your money.

It’s hard mamas. I know you want to feel and look like you did before baby. You want to look like that mom trainer in the facebook ad. But there are SO many other factors you need to consider. Are you sleeping? Are you breastfeeding? Do you have an ab separation? Are you peeing when you sneeze/cough/jump? If you said yes to any of those questions then maybe those programs aren’t going to work for you.

So mamas be smart, question these programs. Question what the motive of these trainers are. I am not saying you wont every be able to return to your normal workout routine. BUT you might need to do a little core/pelvic floor rehab to make sure everything is 100% ready to go when you want to get back to group classes/beachbody/running/adult volleyball whatever it is that you love. If you have ANY questions please email me or find me on social media. I love questions and want to help educated you about your body!

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