Do we need to strengthen our glutes to strengthen our core?

In last weeks post I talked about my running warm up routine. I do a few exercises that wake up my lazy, weak side butt. As well as some core exercises. What I didn't dive into s why I do core and hip/butt work pre run.

Our pelvis holds so  much power. We have so many muscles in that area that need to work together and coordinate together.

I talk a lot about our breath, core, and pelvic floor and how we need to coordinate those 3 things for best results when we are postpartum. It's the same with our core and glutes.

Think of a lunge, if we don't turn on our core at the right time we will loose our balance and fall over.

We need a strong core AND strong glutes.

That is why in The Strong Core Guide I have a glute workout each week.

Being a postpartum mom our bodies have been through a lot. A lot of muscles turn off during pregnancy, shift, or learn new habits so that we can make room for baby and be ready for birth.

After birth we have to take some time to learn about our new body, turn those muscles back on, and re learn how to coordinate those muscles to work together again.

If you are ready to have clear workouts that will strengthen your core and glutes check out The Strong Core Guide. This guide is 4 weeks, and you get 3 video workouts each week. Videos are full length and I am coaching you through how to breath and engage your core in each exercise. You can a bonus glute finisher each week.

The Strong Core Guide

Check out The Strong Core Guide here

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