C Section Scar

Quick google search for c section scar and these were the top search hits. Pain, tissue, and massage are all related when it comes to scarring.

There are lots of reason I pursued a postnatal fitness specialist program first vs doing a pregnancy program. The biggest reason, was that I am in it right now. I am a fresh post partum mom, in a mid size town, with lack luster postpartum care. Now I am lucky that I had Chase in a city that had really good pre and postnatal care for moms. It was educational and evidence based. So I knew what GOOD pre and postnatal care looked like. Sometimes if we don’t know what better looks like we are fine with what is offered.

The second reason is that I want to help moms know BETTER. We moved back to Mankato and I was shocked to hear some of my friends birth stories and postnatal care. Then I had my own bad experience with the OB office here (another story for another time). I wanted to help moms here, in my community, know they deserve BETTER! So much better.

After a friend had a c section and her telling me she got no instruction on the care for the scar, I was amazed. More moms started sharing their stories with me and I started asking moms about what they were told. Nothing!


This is major surgery, where many layers of muscles and tissue are cut! When I got my ACL surgery I had PT for months and was told about scar massage. Moms who have a c section are sent home with a baby and a good luck!

So moms I have been working on a free handout for anyone interested in learning about scar mobility. I have consulted with two physical therapists about these GENERAL techniques. I have also consulted with out local C section support group in town. The handout will has information on what happens with the scar and why light touching and massage can help long term healing.

This is not a handout to heal pain. If you have ANY pain around your scar please go to your doctor and be firm in getting answers. Ask to go to see a physical therapist who can help you. This handout is for general knowledge not to diagnose anything.

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