All the Planks

Plank Challenges are all over pinterest and the internet. When this Covid business started I think I was asked to do about 10 different plank challenges. All of them revolve around just holding a plank longer and longer. I mean that seems really boring to me.

Also for a lot of moms who are still in the under one year mark of postpartum planks can put a lot of stress and pressure on our pelvic floor and linea alba.

Here are 3 things to consider when perform planks.

  1. Modifications are your friend
  2. Breath
  3. Do a variety of plank exercises

Modifications are your friend. Planks are tough in a good way. Just like push ups you might need to modify and that is great! We have modifications so that over time we can become better and get to the full plank. How can you modify?

  1. On a wall
  2. On a chair/table
  3. Drop to our knees

Breath, breath, breath! Do not hold your breath during plank work! Holding that breath will just put a lot of pressure down on your pelvic floor and out on to your linea alba. Which will create pouch not a flat stomach like we want. So while you are holding a plank take small breaths and on each exhale think about engaging your core even more! Hip bones moving toward each other.

Do a variety of planks. Don't just hold a high plank or elbow plank. Do shoulder taps, walking planks, mtn climbers, and spider taps.

Need an idea of a plank workout? Try this one!

Let me know in the comments if you have done a plank challenge before and if you liked it.

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