About Tanya

      Hi, I am Tanya Schwamberger and I am a Post Natal Fitness Specialist!

A little about me, I did competitive gymnastics for 15 years, competing at a Division 3 college in NY. After getting my bachelors in Physical Education, I moved to the mid-west and received my master in Adapted Physical Education and met my husband.

The next 6 years would lead us around the world and back. Teaching overseas for 3 years in Abu Dhabi and then moving back to the states for my husband to pursue his Doctorate.

Coming back to the states and moving to a state, where we knew no one, made for some challenges. For 3 years I was a personal trainer in a private gym, physical education teacher at a small private school, and worked for the parks and recreation department in youth sports. I believe all those jobs helped prepare me for the many hats I wear as a mom.

We are now back in the mid-west! After the birth of our two boys I dove into understanding more about my body and fitness during pregnancy and after birth. There is so much misleading information out there and moms are misinformed or under informed in so many areas, especially fitness.

My goal is to help moms return to fitness in a safe manner and empower them to take control of their fitness.