I’m Tanya Schwamberger, mom of three boys, and postnatal fitness specialist

After birthing my second son I became obsessed about learning about my new body. I had always struggled with leaking even before babies. Thanks gymnastics and an overactive pelvic floor, core, and glutes. I didn’t want to continue to leak and I finally wanted to figure out why my hip hurt ALL the time. After going to the pelvic floor physical therapist and getting my Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certificate I felt like I understood my body more and more.

Other moms started asking me questions about their pelvic floors and cores. I started noticing all the bad information moms got about their postpartum bodies. Either we had to live with pain and leaking or we had to have surgery.
I said no. I am passionate about helping moms understand their bodies after having babies. Helping them learn more about their bodies so they can heal themselves and ask better questions to physical therapist and doctors.
I have helped moms who are early postpartum and YEARS postpartum. There is always time to learn about your body feel better.

My Mission
My Mission is to help moms understand their bodies so that they can take back their health and fitness. I want to help moms be able feel confident jumping on a trampoline, walking into a group exercise class, or have the energy to run after their kids. I want you to be able to do all of this without the fear of leaking or pain.