Have you always wanted to try yoga but you are a little intimidated? Maybe the thought of breathing and stretching for an hour has you feeling overwhelmed and like you just can't commit to that yet.

You know yoga has many benefits such as
- flexibility and mobility
- mindfulness
- relaxation

When wanting to try anything new there are barriers; time, money, space, willingness to just start.

This is why I am starting the 30 min all level yoga. 30 mins will give you just enough time to stretch those tight muscles, calm you mind for the evening. This will be a great way to calm your body and mind before putting your kids to bed or putting yourself to bed.

We will be starting all levels yoga - 30 mins on April 6 at 6:45pm.  After you sign up you will receive a zoom link to join on Wednesdays. $5/class

Use the pay pal link below or you can also

Questions please email me:

[email protected]

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