1:1 personal training for moms at every stage of postpartum

Personal training is for those women who are ready to conquer their goals, learn more about their postpartum body, and need accountability to get that workout done.

After having a baby many moms feel lost when trying to return to their pre baby workout routine. Maybe your core is feeling squishy, your pelvic floor is not totally healed, and you are just feel lost in your changed body. If you have were diagnosed with diastasis rect or prolapse you might also be feeling lost and needing guidance. Let me help you navigate this time and give you strategies to reach your fitness goals.

What to expect with personal training...
  • We will take time talking about what your goals are
  • I will help you understand how to use your breath, core, and pelvic floor to regain strength and confidence
  • We will discuss diastasis recti, pelvic dysfunction, and prolapse to help you know what symptoms to look for
  • When building a personalized training plan for you I will consider your emotional and physical health.
  • I will help you find providers that will listen to you and help you with your goals


What you will get from me...
  • Initial call to discuss your goals, fitness experiences, and birth
  • Weekly workouts customized for you
  • Email, zoom, or text access to me to ask questions throughout the week


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